Phd thesis carbon nanotubes

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Brooklyn Institute of Technology.

Brillouin Zone of a Single-Walled Carbon Nanotube

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Carbon nanotubes (CNTs) possess a unique set of electrical and mechanical properties and have been used in a variety of applications. In this thesis, we explore strategies to functionalize CNTs as well as applications which are enabled by functionalized CNTs.

PhD student Teng Wang – who defends his thesis on 12 December – has worked on production. He has developed a technique to fill through-silicon vias with thousands of carbon nanotubes. The chips are then bonded with an adhesive so that the carbon nanotubes are directly contacted and can thus.

PhD student Teng Wang – who defends his thesis on 12 December – has worked on production. He has developed a technique to fill through-silicon vias with thousands of carbon nanotubes. In this thesis, we will also systematically study how the surface chemistry and electronic structures of carbon nanotubes influence the electronic performance of carbon nanotube/conducting polymer composites and their stabilizing effect against UV degradation.

Polymer synthesis for corona phase molecular recognition based on single-walled carbon nanotubes

Abstract. The work presented in the thesis describes the preparation and characterisation of nanoparticle-carbon nanotube composite structures by transmission electron microscopy (TEM) and their applications in catalysis and biomedicine.

Ph.D. Thesis – Ahmed M. Abdalla; McMaster University –Engineering Physics iii LAY ABSTRACT The superior properties of carbon nanotubes (CNTs) are best manifested in bulk materials.

Phd thesis carbon nanotubes
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