Disable write ahead log hbase interview

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HBase Interview Questions

if a RegionServer crashes or becomes unavailable before the MemStore is flushed, the WAL ensures that the changes to the data can be replayed. HBase Architecture - Write-ahead-Log append in Hadoop was so badly suited that a hadoop fsck / would report the DFS being corrupt because of the open log files HBase kept.

Bottom line is, without Hadoop you can very well face data loss. With Hadoop you have a. Hbase is a NoSQL database, these interview questions can assists you to understand overview architecture & explain advanced concepts of Hbase. disable ‘table’ First the client written the data to HregionServer.

First data stored data in (write ahead log) Hlog file, then the data is written to MemStore.

Sample Hadoop HBase Interview Questions and Answers

Memstore temporary holds the data. Here I have made a list of most commonly asked Hadoop HBase Interview Questions and Answers for you to read before your interview.

Table Level Operational Commands in HBase are-describe, list, drop, disable and scan. HLog contains entries for edits of all regions performed by a particular Region redoakpta.com abbreviates to Write Ahead Log. Naukri Learning > Articles > Interview Questions > Top HBase Interview Questions and Answers.

Top HBase Interview Questions and Answers. Posted on June 22, Ans. Write Ahead Log (WAL) is similar to MySQL BIN Log. It is a standard file for ensuring data integrity. recreate and disable the specified tables.

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Disable write ahead log hbase interview
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