Cursive writing as a social grace

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Signing your name or scribbling a grocery list may seem a simple, mundane activity.

Cursive Alphabet Worksheets

In fact, it is the result of a complex interaction of physical and mental processes involving cooperation among your brain’s cognitive, motor, and emotion areas, down through the brain. Activities & Resources of resources listed that are available online to assist in the planning and development of programs for the Advent, Christmas, and Epiphany Activities (classroom activities, family activities, parish activities, lesson plans) Advent Activities.

From overcoming illegible penmanship to mastering the challenge of keeping straight margins, avoiding smeared ink, and choosing stationery that is appropriate but suits your style, this is a powerful little guide to conveying thoughts in an enduring—and noteworthy—way.

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this isn’t a criticism, but if you read the text it’s pretty obvious that english is their second language.

Cursive writing as a social grace
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